About Us

Our History

Having watched the intricate art of carpet-making closely and generations of artisans’ blossom into gifted weavers over the last century, our family has been sharing the magic of carpeting for over 30 years. An establishment of repute since 1991 for its artistic flair and premium craftsmanship globally under the name of Neman Carpets Pvt Ltd. our origins are from the city of Mirzapur itself. A collaboration of seven brothers, the dream originally came to life when Mohammed Parvez Khan, a humble resident of Jaraila in Mirzapur set foot in the carpet industry to build a brand that both him and his city could be proud of.

Having a stronghold in the region, considering the know-how of the language and people, Mohammed Parvez Khan established the company to extraordinary heights. And the company has grown steadily since. Boasting of 700 employees today, what started as a one loom factory in Jaraila (India) has extended to 200 sizeable massive looms and five factory units. Regarded as one of the biggest and most preferred exporters of fine crafted rugs in the American, European and Middle Eastern rug markets. We begin our journey to bring this very illustrious dream now to India with the inception of Mirzapur Rugs.

Our Milestones

Mohammed Parvez Khan started with
a single loom

Inception of Neman Carpets. Founded by Mohammed Parvez Khan in Jaraila.Brothers Mohd. Arif Khan& Mohd Rashid Khan joined forces

Hit the 300 weavers’ mark!

Began our exports journey from American company called ABC AMERICA

Introduced new technology and a step towards a safer future. Installed Solar Panels to generate electricity forall the clipping machines, elevators & overall lights of all five factories

The number of looms increased to200 looms split between two factories, 100 meters apart

No. of employees rose to 500 pax with an added wing for weaver’s welfare programs including children'seducation, medical insurance and more

Size of the factory grew considerably to 3,00,000+ sq.ft across five factories

Expansion to Mirzapur Rugs, an extension to the export house in the domestic market

& more milestone soon to achieve...


Taking the legacy of the renowned Khan family forward, brothers – Nazam & Shahbaz Khan arepaving a nouveau trail to world class luxurious craftsmanship with Mirzapur Rugs. Hailing fromhumble beginnings and having experienced a grounded upbringing – embraced from none otherthan father, Mohammed Parvez Khan – the two are sure to repeat history in creating rugs that tell stories and exude emotions. Having spent most summers in Mirzapur itself learning about rug-making, the genZ business graduates are equally passionate about fine craftsmanship as well as good design.

Our Factories

FACTORY 1 (50,000 ft2)
Loom, Washing & Stretching takes place in this factory Estd. 1991
FACTORY 1 (75,000 ft2)
Production of hand knotted, handloom & flatware carpets takes place in this facility along with the washing & stretching of rugs
Putlighar, Natwa Road
Factory 3 (50,000 ft2)
Head office & finishing area The conceptualisation, designing, colour and tonality, graph creation, quality check & packaging happens within these premises
Putlighar, Natwa Road
FACTORY 1 (1,00,000 ft2)
This is where the carding & spinning of the yarn happens
FACTORY 5 (20,000 ft2)
The dye of the yarn is created with a laboratory at this plant. The yarn is also dyed in the same place and put for drying in the terrace of the factory