Story Of Mirzapur

From the southernmost coasts of Kanyakumari to the sky-clad mountain ranges of the Himalayas – situated on the banks of the holy Ganges river, Mirzapur has been the epicentre of rug-making in India. And its beginnings are considered to date as far back as the Mughal empire. Kings and emperors alike would commission master weavers from Persia to furbish for them handmade carpets fit for royalty.

Somewhere along this coalescence of cultures part of this rich heritage made its way to Mirzapur fuelling a decades long industry that has evolved to give the world some of its finest carpets from India. The Khan family has adeptly put themselves amidst this illustrious heritage with their creation of Mirzapur Rugs. An homage to our most prolific origins.