Our Yarns

Variety of Yarns

100% SILK
No other fibre competes silk for its decadent softness and luxurious shine. The dazzling lustre and reflecting light, magnifies shades to a jewel like intensity. Known to be immensely strong, and in very old antique carpets often outlasting wool, silk is considered rather more process driven to clean in comparison.

Our wool is collected from the fleeces of sheep living on the high altitudes of New Zealand mountains, pure wool from Argentina and merino wool sourced from Bikaner. Once collected, the wool is washed and hand-spun into soft yarns. The rich textures and excellent durability – in our opinion, make them the top three wool varieties in the world for rugs.

With special treatment, the long and strong fibres of the noble bamboo plant can be spun into a yarn that is lustrous like silk. Known to be uneven in colour, the Bamboo yarn is of rustic finish and exhibits interesting fluctuations in its tone. A bamboo silk rug is definitely one-of-its-kind!

The fibre made from the stalk of the banana plant; banana silk is an eco friendly, animal-free textile that mimics real silk and acts as a great vegan alternative.. Channelling a sheer luxe appearance, a beautiful banana silk rug exudes a texture softer than the softest of velvets.

Made from the cellulose found in raw wood pulp, which is then converted into fibre using intricate nanotechnology, Tencel has botanical origins.

Viscose or Art silk derived from cellulose/ wood pulp is a versatile fibre that can be dyed and does not insulate heat, which leaves one’s hand cool to the touch on any viscose rug. Viscose remains a perfectly acceptable, and genuinely laudable material for use in budgeted rugs.

Providing exceptional softness and extravagant colour choices, PET fibre is colour fade resistant, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET is a type of polyester fibre made from PET chips, adopted from recycled plastic containers.

Made from a man-made fibre, Acrylic gives the appearance and feel of wool. It dyes to bright colours with excellent colour fastness. Absorbs and releases moisture quickly, thus allowing the fabric to “breathe”. Our Acrylic design-led rugs are lightweight, soft, warm and absolutely stain resistant.