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We’re happy to help you with repair and maintenance services. Our professional repair staff in Mirzapur can organise for your most finest rug to be washed and repaired. To book your repair services, call on +91 99308 03333 or email us at info@mirzapurrugs.com . Our experts will first examine your rugs prior to booking your repair. They may request you to share images of the damaged rug for them to identify the problem, advise you and share a quote as well for the repair. On request we can organise for a pick-up and delivery of the rug as well to ensure our customers are at ease.

1. Transportation of the rug to and from the respective location would entail an additional cost.
2. Please present a valid proof of purchase of the rug from Mirzapur Rugs to avail the service.
3. We only provide this service only in India and on hand knotted rugs.
4.Our rate card for washing carpet is INR 50 per sq.ft. The final cost may vary, depending on the scope of work//work required//specific requirements.


With 30 plus years of experience, our facilities in Mirzapur are equipped to take care of washing the rug. We recommend normal vacuuming and dusting of the rug but a deep clean once every few years is advised to retain the beauty of the rug and ensure a long lasting carpet. For durries or flatweaves we recommend washing every 1-2 years, on the other hand knotted carpets can be used up to 3 years before they are washed. We refrain from taking enquiries for rug washing during monsoon season as the carpet stays damp and requires sun-drying for the best cleaning. To book your washing services, call +91 99308 03333 or email us at info@mirzapurrugs.com.

1. Repairing only hand-knotted rugs.
2. Repairing of missing or worn areas either by rebuilding or patching. This is only possible with knotted carpets.
3. Restoring torn, detached and deteriorated back.
4. Resizing the rug to meet your requirements.


Thank you for choosing Mirzapur Rugs as your decor partner, we are very happy to take care of your carpet requirements. Our Rug Care Manual takes care of all your queries on maintaining your rug so you enjoy the same quality of the rug before and after the purchase. A few simple steps that can help your rug maintain its original appearance and style for years. The following pages will guide you on the appropriate measures to maintain your rugs and avoid day to day damages. Our after sales team is a call away and would be happy to assist you with any queries.