Luxuriously Crafted


Our artisans are like our family and we prioritize and acknowledge supporting the rich heritage and craftsmanship that is Mirzapur. The long standing and prestigious tradition of the weaving of rugs that Mirzapur has stood for has facilitated for us the path to creating and bringing to the world this beautiful artform of rug making and we are proud to have 700 local families as part of our workforce whose growth and welfare is quintessential to our progress. We provide regular health check-ups to our employees, financial security in the form of pensions, meals for the full family and education for the young as a way to sustainably grow with the rich culture that Mirzapur and these families have offered us.


A fine blueprint, an intricate knot here and a meticulous clip there fused on a neatly bonded yarn and voila – your Mirzapur Rug is ready! As magical as it sounds, all our carpets are made by the skilled local artisans or karigars that tell inspiring tales. Meticulously woven, loomed or knotted these luxurious rugs are a result of an entire life devoted to the art of carpet making. Each rug goes through an age-old process involving utmost care and dexterity – all the way from sourcing the highest quality of yarn to its gentle spinning, up until the final trimming and cutting of the finished rug. Take a look…