Comprising of many thousands of individual knots when a yarn is firmly knotted by hand around its warp and weft – a hand knotted rug is born! Following the ancient art form these rugs are woven by labours of love on a special loom. It is the size and number of knots that determine the quality of a hand knotted rug (with the smallest knots allowing for the most intricate of details). The result of which is an extraordinary handcrafted unique rug exhibiting years of artistic hard work and devotion. No two pieces are alike as signature rough edges, natural yarn textures, the slight imperfections of each artist and their own unique styles gives each rug its own individual identity.

A hand-tufted rug is made partially by hand and partially by an automated tooltufting gun. When all the yarn or other material has been injected into the pattern, a scrim is placed on the rug with latex glue to keep fibres intact. Followed by the clipping of unnecessary carpet loops, so the rug becomes flat. This fine work of precision coupled with the lustrous colours of yarns is sure to liven up any space – both on the floor or the walls.

Our flatweaves or durries are handwoven by skilled artisans, interweaving the fibres in such a way that no threads are protruding while creating a pile. Available across a wide spectrum of colours, these relatively lightweight pieces are versatile in terms of both design and utility. Easier to maintain, our flatweave collection has a variety of different shades and styles for you to choose from.

Handloom rugs are made in Mirzapur by the same skilled weavers as our hand knotted rugs, using the same fine materials. These rugs are handmade using intersectional threads that spread across the warp and weft. Like hand knotted rugs, a rod/shuttle is used, creating many textural possibilities. Small scale patterns on minimal textured patterns achieved in single colour tones, have come to be the iconic image of these carefully designed pieces.

Manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile, Cut Pile rugs are either plush or twisted. On the other hand, when loops of yarn create a stylish finish with a soft and smooth feel, loop pile rugs are created. These rugs can have a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of higher and lower loops.