6 Attractive Way to Place Runner Area Rugs At Home

Mirzapur Rugs | February 25, 2024 | 10:45 am | 10 Mins Read

Say we’re playing a word game with ‘rug runner’ and you have to think of a similar word in your mind. What would it be? Is it a hallway? Well, that’s the only thing that comes up in our mind when we hear the word runner because it was entirely made for long and narrow passage spaces in a house. But we think now it’s time to burst your bubble and give the right space to your runners area rugs apart from just placing it in the hallways.

What exactly is a rug runner?

Specifically, runner rugs are not just the carpets that are placed on the floor if you have children at home. Instead, they are also used in areas that need foot circulation, as they are longer than wider. They are the slim broad rugs that you have or once had along a pathway at home. They serve purposes like covering an empty space, protecting the floor from scratches or spills, adding texture to the area and accommodating high foot traffic.

Although they are also available in unusual shapes, these rugs are long and have a rectangular size, which are usually of a solid pattern.

Does a rug runner benefit when placed at home?

Rug runners might be your buddy when it comes to decorating and keeping your home protected. Let’s find out how:

  1. If you have hardwood flooring at home, they are the best rugs that can protect your feet. Not only do they add a spark to your room but also guide areas that are  high on foot traffic.
  2. With comfort comes protection. These rugs  reduce slipping on floors that are best for senior citizens and children (if any) at home. When placing it on the floor in winters, it not only gives you warmth but also keeps you comfortable and safe on the floor.
  3. It’s one of the best options among all the rugs available that fits perfectly for a smaller area. It can supplement locations at home that larger rugs can’t. Whether you place it in a bedroom, a long hallway, or a bathroom, it removes the dullness of that space.

6 ways to place rug runners at your home

Although it’s a personal decision to place a runner rug at home, we still suggest some areas where these rugs would look classy, comfortable and overwhelming to family and guests.

Bedroom (beside the bed)

When you wake up in the morning, you crave for that soft warm touch as you get off your cozy bed. Putting these rugs on both sides of your bed are the exact spots you would want your runner to be placed. That gives your room a feel of harmony and unity, as you can save a lot of cost on it and use that splurge to purchase greater rugs later on. Especially, if you have a king sized bed, it keeps your pockets full while giving you great ideas to use the small runner rug for small areas.

Living rooms (heavy foot traffic areas)

For high foot traffic areas like the living room where you mostly welcome members who come from outside, this rug works right on track. For this area, darker colours would be the best choice rather than light colours that would tend to get dirtier soon. When going to buy such rugs choose a durable one that can withstand large amounts of foot traffic, so selecting a handmade rug gives more durability than machine washed rugs.

Bathroom (for small sized rooms)

With limited space in bathroom floors, it might not be the best place to decorate. Also, regular cleaning can be a piled up headache when area rugs are placed on it. But you may top that up with a runner area rug that not only adds length to that narrow space in your bathroom but also the luxury and creativity of that generic area. Using a linear rug in such places that also covers your vanity makes the bathroom bold and youthful.

Foyer (for any room)

Foyer is the entrance hall space of your room that may cover a lot of dirt, rainwater, or mud prints because of being the first room to welcome guests. Even if you don’t place the rug in other places of your house, this area is the most wanted and important space for a runner area rug. Selecting a stain resistant neutral rug for that space keeps you in peace while welcoming guests from outside.

Staircase (to cover the entire staircase)

The thought of placing runner area rugs on your staircases would bring out the elegance and beauty of that area. Styling it on top of a hardwood staircase comforts your feet by removing the slippery texture that is often felt when anyone at your home walks with socks on or bare feet as well. Whether you have a wide staircase or a narrow one, these rugs would give that chic look to your place.

Kitchen area

Are you the cook of your house? Then you might need extra comfort while using the sink or standing and cooking for a longer period of time. Stains can appear quite often when using the kitchen area, which is why a stain resistant rug is a must have for that floor. You can also combine it with a rug pad that’ll stand up for a longer period of time giving a soft comfy feel to your feet. Needless to mention, these rugs protect your feet against slips for safety in your kitchen.

Now that you’ve got to know the areas where a runner area rug can be placed, buying a beautiful design can top it up adding the extra luxury to your rooms. At MIRZAPUR RUGS, we create that magnificent feel and look to give you wide options to design your room and give it a new look altogether.