A Complete Guide to Choose Rugs For Living Room Decor

Mirzapur Rugs | February 25, 2024 | 10:47 am | 10 Mins Read

Summary – Installing rugs or carpets doesn’t change the furnishing of your rooms, instead it creates a space illusion that completely transforms the look of your home’s decor making it streamlined and spacious in appearance.

Do you have a smooth flooring that might look aesthetic but sometimes makes you prone to accidental slips? Well, then installing rugs or carpets in your living room should be vital for you. Afterall, who doesn’t enjoy walking on a warm, soft and luxurious carpet? Installing a rug strategically in your living room complements it with other furnishings around. It also makes you feel cosy and warm during winters, giving you a deluxe set up.

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2 Simple Questions to ask yourself before picking a rug that checks off your list of doubts!

To make your living room more welcoming, you should know the suitable area and other similar factors to set it up aesthetically. Few things that you must avoid going for, is to purchase a rug that’s too small or buying too many rugs/carpets for living room. Plan out a vibe that you want from your living room, which will help you choose the right size of rug for you. This saves you time and also gives you more ideas to focus on unique ways to decorate your living room.

What factors to keep in mind while selecting a rug or carpet for living space?


Consider the furniture of your room, check whether they have some designs or are solid in colour. Play around with some patterns to try and fix it with your furniture’s design beautifully.


A comfortable and durable material handling a lot of foot traffic is preferable for living room specific rugs, as sometimes guests might enter the room with shoes on.


Every room has a different vibe. While selecting a colour, always go for the rule of thumb, which is choosing a muted shade for a rug that has a bright color scheme and a bright hue for a muted scheme.


Take a measuring tape and start measuring it from the corners of your living room reducing 1-2 feet to get the perfect carpet size covering the entire room. But, if you just want it for a confined area then follow the same pattern to measure that space specifically.


This is where all of the above mentioned factors come into consideration. The size, material, design, and everything matters while choosing a budget to pick rugs for living room. (The price might be low for an inferior quality product and high for a heavy luxury piece).

Maintenance: Look for its durability. Checking its washing pattern that includes dry cleaning or machine/hand washing, takes you a long way. Go for low pile rugs if you’re a busy person looking for easy-to-clean options.

Pro Tip:

Carpets or rugs come in both low and high piles. Living rooms having a lot of foot traffic are best for low pile rugs but high pile rugs are generally elegant and soft, best suited for luxurious living rooms to welcome high-profile guests.

How to dedicatedly design your living space using the selected rug or carpet?

To design your living space, you need to first select a comfortable rug or carpet and then set it according to the following:

Comfort, comfort and comfort

The key to designing your living room with a carpet or rug is comfort. Since the living room makes the first impression to your guests, it can literally make or break the ambience. Go for elegance, style, but don’t forget the comfort that everyone requires.

Make it the center of attraction

Harmonize your living room by placing your rug or carpet in a sophisticated manner where the front legs of your furniture are placed on top of the rug. Also, maintain a gap from the walls and edges by 10 to 20 inches.

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