Rugs Size Guide: Now Style Your Room Diligently with Mirzapurrugs

Mirzapur Rugs | February 25, 2024 | 10:42 am | 10 Mins Read

Summary – After you’re done choosing a perfect rug design for your room, selecting the right size might be a huge task, as you have to measure your floor space and decide upon every room you need a rug for. In this blog, we will discuss the size of rugs/carpets for all the rooms including staircases and hallways for you to style them elegantly without hassle.

With alot of technical factors to keep in mind, choosing a rug can get difficult at times. Setting up a rug in your room first requires a clear knowledge about the area (in which you wish to set it up) and its size. For this, we have researched and prepared a size guide covering the living room, bedroom, dining, staircase, bathroom kitchen and hallway as well. So, go through it and pick the right size for your room as per these golden rules below:

  1. When in doubt, choose a bigger sized rug – When you don’t get a rug of your exact room size, we recommend going one or two sizes bigger than a smaller size. It can adjust well in your room rather than making it look disjoint.
  2. Select the size according to your room orientation – The key to picking the right rug size is by following your room orientation. Giong for a bigger rug when having a large sized room is the right decision to make.
  3. Visualize before you hit the buy button – Before hitting the “buy” button, make sure to go for the final check so as to visualize the rug in the area where it’s going to get placed. For getting a clearer understanding, take a measuring tape and check if the selected size fits the area well or not. Leave 18 inches while measuring the area from all over the frame, so that you create the accurate pathway in your room. For small rooms leaving 8 inches will do the job if you keep an extra 2 inch error margin. Aboveall, considering the borders are also essential to get that perfect fit of the rug.

Living Room Styling

Living room must look elegant and entice than any other room because of it being the entrance room welcoming most of your guests. To decorate the space, setting up prominent rugs are quite necessary. 9’ x 12’ is the general living room rug size (like how Aakar rugs have), which can also be customized as per your interior decorator or personal likings. Ultimately, whichever size of the rug you go for must be selected taking the furnitures and the room size into consideration. Apart from that, 6’ x 9’ or 8’ x 10’ sizes of rugs decorate your living room when the furnitures hug the sidewalls. So, lace the front legs of your furntures on top of the rug or carpet and place an ottoman or a small table at the center of the rug to complete the look.

Bedroom Styling

One of the most coziest rooms of your house is the bedroom, which must also look attractive and appealing to you when you return home and want to rest after a long day. If you go for trendy rugs in your bedroom, it can change the look of your room by making it both pleasing and comforting at the same time. All the rugs of your bedroom must be placed just beside your bed with 2/3rd of the beg legs on it except the runner rugs.

Dining Room Styling

For dining rooms make sure to have a rug that takes the legs of the tables and chairs on it. Keep a size of 24’x 36’ so that the area looks cohesive to the eye. Taking a rough look at your floorspace and visualizing the area rug in your dining room can help you make the right choice. 

Staircase styling

Styling the staircase with stylish rugs is safe for kids and senior citizens. These rugs come in different sizes with the most common being 27 inches.

If you still want to calculate the size of your home stair rugs then here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Select a certain number of staircase and multiply it by the number 19 (by horizontal 10’ tread approx and vertical 8’ riser)
  • After you’ve got the number, divide it by 12 and then convert the result into feet.
  • After converting it, add 8 to it every additional riser.

Approximately, a 21 inch runner rug would also work well that covers 13 steps on average, above which you can add an extra feet to make a 90 degree turn, if necessary.

Kid’s Room Styling

When thinking of a kid’s room, make sure to keep in mind that they are way different from any other rooms. The reason behind this is that kids often spill food on the rug or at times tear the rug as well if it’s too weak to handle it. So, make sure to pick a strong and long lasting rug that’s easily washable and durable leaving your child’s room clean and beautiful.

Go for an extended size that’s large enough to cover underneath the furniture of your child’s room and keep them safe while playing around. 6’ x 9’ or a total of 7’ by 10’ rugs are best to place it underneath a single or a double bed.

Halls and Entryway Styling

You might have noticed that rugs frame the overall furnishings in most of the rooms but this is different for entryways and hallways, as it’s the main focus here. The most popular rug placement of such rooms is to align it with the furnishings and set the selected 6 inch rug at the center of the room. Just keep in mind to go for a narrow rug that can take low foot traffic. Most of the hallway runner rugs come in 8’x12’ in length and 3 inch in width. However, you can also go for the common dimensions which is 6’x8’ and 3’x12’ depending on the size of the hallway or entryway.

Bathroom Styling

Including rugs in your bathroom increases its sophistication. Before you think of purchasing one, measure the sides properly to cover the open flooring space accommodating a dimension of 17’ x 21’ in width and 24’ x 34’ in length.

Kitchen Styling

Sometimes adding a bit of warmth into your kitchen with the help of a rug makes the cook happier while cooking. Selecting a small rug which is easily washable and attacks fair foot traffic would do the job well. On the other hand, if you have a galley kitchen, choosing  runner rugs that leave bare floor space on both sides of the rug is best. Key TakeawayGoing for safety options like rug pads in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room holds the rug firmly that’s placed upon it. Mold or mildew resistant rug pads are a great choice for vinyl, tile, or hardwood kitchen floors. To get such pads visit Mirzapur Rugs and enjoy buying your luxurious product as per your required design and size.