Trendy Rugs in 2022: Know The Latest Fashion To Style Your Bedroom

Mirzapur Rugs | February 25, 2024 | 10:46 am | 10 Mins Read

Just a few months before winter is the perfect time to revamp your rugs into trendy ones. Whether you want to update or change it completely, swapping them puts a huge impact on your room aesthetics. Therefore, when you’re ready to buy a rug, the huge collection  might get you confused and engrossed in products, which are not even suitable for your bedroom.

To bring you out of that confusion, we’ve researched the trendiest rugs that you can purchase in 2022. From the timeless classic design to fashionable bold patterns, everything is available, as per you’re your budget, space, and style.

Always Remember This Rule of thumb 

It can be challenging to buy the perfect bedroom rug that matches the design, style, size and furnitures around your room. So, here’s a rule of thumb that may help you out: Always keep your bed to the focus of your room and the rug extending at least 18-24 inches beyond the bed.

POV: Since the bed is the main focus of your room, the rug that you’ll plan to put must compliment it. You can either place your rug under or beside the bed, so that its positioning aligns according to your bed size. Luckily, if you have a larger room size that has space for your vanity or a sitting area, then choose a smaller rug to give an cool definition for that area.

For instance, if you have a small table, a bench or a bean bag beside your bed then the rug must go beyond that as well. But if you pick a larger rug, it can off-balance the layout of your furniture. That’s why, when you buy an 18-24 inch rug, it will give you the right size and area to fit it, catering to something soft that’ll give you the best comfort while climbing on the bed.

Now that you’ve got the idea of placing your rug, keep scrolling the page to explore its latest versions in 2022, that’ll fit your bedroom aesthetically.

1. Vintage Antiques

Although many rugs might get trendier in the near future, the Vintage Antique rugs are always the great. Its look instantly adds dimension and character to the given room space. These vintage looking rugs are not only affordable but can also give you the actual material that you’ve been digging on research for so long. If you feel like buying them then definitely go for the classy, hand knotted rugs that will closely distress your thoughts giving you an antique feel.

2. Shaggy Area Rugs

For an elevated jewel toned look, choose a shaggy area rug that has a zig ziag combination of different colours complimenting black, white and also emerald. The luxurious texture of these rugs speak it all that fits best for your cozy bedrooms.

A short interior tip: You can match this rug with an oversized chair and a sleek lamp designed for a reading nook.

3. Eisley Pastel Rug

With a classy feature that complements your bedroom to a contemporary Moroccan design, this rug trend is a backdrop from the ivory to a pastel vibe. Paring it with a blue room ambiance will be one of your best choices till date. Just keep in mind to not use a traditional space for such rugs that might ruin the entire look.  Instead, ambiances that are light and playful gives you a fancy look out.

4. Geometric Patterns

If the pastel rug trend doesn’t fit your bedroom style and design, then this geometric patterned rug with tonal hues will surely do. It’ll definitely bring a smile to your face. Such patterns with a classic or streamlined look are the pick up choice for your upcoming trend in future. A slight dimension is what you must look for when selecting a geometric rug, which fits well with a linear design that’s not too heavy to distract your whole space. Such designs and patterns are only found in geometric and that monotines too won’t be able to provide.

5. Modern Rugs

To give a contemporary look to your bedroom space, this transitional rug orients its elegance outstandingly. It’s a genuine line of statement to purchase its tonal beauty. Choosing a medium pile slide would resist slips in your room, especially if you have senior citizens or children around. Also, look at the cushy, cozy and premium feel it offers before picking your favourite modern rug.

We can all agree on one comment that these rugs have come a long way from the shag to today’s trend to make your decorative bedroom a lively space. With a durable material, these rugs can go a long way as it did and will be continuing in future. So, if you have an image of your design preference that you can never go wrong with, then it’ll be easy to set up your room and give a completely different out burst for your new guest, friends or family.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know the latest trend of 2022, get your hands on a perfect design as well. We suggest a solid and dawn havoc rug like the Ikas and Alp, the two out-of-the-box design pieces that’ll be a great choice when you pick trendy rugs online. The Ikas is a classic weave with a subtle linear pattern all over the rug. However, Alp offers multi-shades that spread with a flow on your canvas which is wide in size. So, go for any of these extra suggestion designs that’ll fit well in your pockets if you are looking for a long term investment in rugs. Happy shopping!